Fall Has Settled into Sonoma.

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Fall Has Settled into Sonoma.

Fall is a magical time of year for us. Harvest is in full swing, there’s a chill in the air.. and the sweet smell of fermenting grapes floats gently through the streets. Vineyards are showing their seasonal ambers and yellows. Local shopkeepers are out in the mornings sweeping leaves from the sidewalk, and visitors from all over the world are joining us to get lost in the Autumn magic. It’s a much needed respite from the devastating fires that ravaged Sonoma and Napa in mid October.

There’s been no shortage of grim scenes plastered all over the news, but I wanted to do something different. I wanted to show you some pictures of how beautiful this place is right now, and how despite all the news going out being gloom and doom, we are already rebuilding. The shops and tasting rooms are alive with laughter and light. We’re a community of farmers, and we’re getting through this together.

You should come and see us ūüôā


Jane Portalupi



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