When my grandmother Marina Portalupi immigrated to Northern California from Piemonte Italy, she brought with her more than just her knowledge of winemaking. She also brought along the traditions and beliefs of how wine was meant to be enjoyed. She didn't believe good wine was something to be stored away under lock and key, occasionally enjoyed by a precious few. No, wine was a daily staple. As much as milk, eggs and bread. Something to be enjoyed regularly with friends and family. Just as she had done in Italy, when she opened Luna Park Grocery in San Jose, California, she kept a small barrel of her vino di tavola to serve in her store. Every day, customers would bring in empty milk bottles, or whatever vessel they had, to fill up and take home. Often that wine was passed around the table in jelly jars to be enjoyed by all. It is in honor of my grandmother and in her spirit that we make Vaso di Marina for you to enjoy as my grandmother intended! Food Pairings: It’s every day. It’s pizza. It’s tri-tip. Or a bacon cheeseburger. It’s the red wine for the simple, uncluttered times in your life. Bring your empties back to the tasting room for a refill. Don't worry about them not being clean, we'll take care of it. Your sixth fill up is just a penny!
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