Seriously Smokin’ Salmon

A Borges family recipe from Tim’s father-the best smoked salmon ever! Download Recipe PDF



½ ounce pickling spices (wrapped in cheese cloth)
¼ cup rock salt
4 – 6 cloves garlic
¼ cup brown sugar
2 cups Portalupi Vermentino
2 cups water
2 – 3 bay leaves

How To Make

Prepping the salmon for the Brine: Filet salmon and pick out bones. Skin on or off is optional (Tim’s preference is skin on). Cut across filet 2” pieces. Combine all ingredients of brine in a stainless steel or plastic container with lid. Brine needs to cover the salmon. You can always add more water and Vermentino.
Refrigerate salmon in brine approx. 48 hours covered.
Remove from brine. Drain for 4 – 5 hours on old towels over newspapers. Keep covered while draining.
Smoking: Use alder chips. After approximately 6 – 7 hours of smoking (thick salmon) baste with the marinade. Return to smoker and finish smoking process to your individual preference.