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In 2002, Jane Portalupi and Tim Borges started Portalupi Wine with a vision to create a unique portfolio of wines and capture a lifestyle that is worthy of their Italian heritage. Family-owned and operated, Portalupi isn’t just a brand, it is our name.


California’s wine industry is rooted in the accomplishments of Italian immigrants. This includes our grandparents, who brought with them their spirit of living life to its fullest and the first vines that established the Cal-Ital wine industry. We define “Cal-Ital” as the ultimate modo di vivere, honoring Old Traditions while inspiring a certain magic, spirit, and rich texture within our everyday lives. Experience our version of the Cal-Ital lifestyle- a celebration of life and love of wine.

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Our tasting room is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Healdsburg, California. Just a hop, skip, and a jump from the San Francisco Bay Area. We promise to create core wine country memories with our unique portfolio of California wines and dedication to ensuring an unforgettable experience of living Italian moments.


Our Story

Jane and Tim grew up in a small coastal town in Northern California. They first knew each other as young children and developed a fondness for each other. Their strong bond was never forgotten and when the opportunity to reunite as adults happened, they married and started Portalupi Wine in 2002. With Tim’s experience in winemaking, Jane’s background in retail marketing, and her Portalupi family history in the wine industry, the perfect match to introduce the world to their wine and vision began.